City repaving initiative is a bumpy road for Mt. Washington, West Price Hill residents

Posted at 5:40 PM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 17:51:55-04

CINCINNATI -- It seems as though the city's preventative street maintenance program has reached a bump in the road.

Although the initiative is meant to keep roads in good condition, residents of Mt. Washington's Wayside Court said the recent repairs to their street have been more harmful than simply leaving it alone.

"There are all sorts of textures going on -- some parts that are smooth, some parts that are bumpy," said Wayside Court resident Kari Beckmeyer.

According to Beckmeyer, the new road poses major safety concerns.

"It's concerning if someone falls, they could really hurt their knee," Beckmeyer said.

On Wednesday, the street had "no parking" signs, which could mean that the city is coming back to fix the issue. Beckmeyer is concerned with it being done right.

"I'm not opposed to the maintenance. It's just the quality of the maintenance that really concerns me." Beckmeyer said.

Mt. Washington is not the only neighborhood that has made complaints about the pavement issues -- residents in West Price Hill have voiced concerns, too.

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In a statement, Michael Moore, the city's director of the Department of Transportation and Engineering, said that his office is aware of the issues with the preventative maintenance work performed by the contractor American Pavements.

"The City will ensure these issues are corrected within a week or so," Moore said in the statement.

According to the statement, the city attributed some of the issues to weather conditions, people driving too soon on the pavement and some of the roads being too narrow for equipment to operate and properly smooth out the pavement.

Several areas in the city are undergoing preventative measures as part of the of Cincinnati's Preventative Maintenance, a $60 million capital acceleration program going through 2021, meant -- for the first time -- to conduct preventative maintenance on roads still rated in good condition.

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Anyone else with concerns about the pavement on their street is encouraged to contact Moore's office at 513-352-2366.