Ray Tensing jury will visit Mount Auburn street where he killed Sam DuBose in 2015

Ex-UC police officer shot driver on traffic stop
Posted at 7:06 PM, Oct 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-01 11:46:01-04

CINCINNATI – The Ray Tensing murder trial starts Tuesday with jurors visiting the street where Sam DuBose was shot and killed in 2015.

The 12-person jury, selected with surprising speed Monday, will report to Judge Megan Shanahan's courtroom by 9 a.m. Once they receive instructions from the judge, they will board a bus and travel to Mount Auburn to visit Thill, Rice and Valencia Streets.

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The court bailiff will then point out areas that are pertinent to the case and will be mentioned during testimony. Those include:

> The corner of Thill and Rice Streets, where Tensing, then a 26-year-old University of Cincinnati police officer,  pulled DuBose's car over and shot him in the head when the 43-year-old started to drive off.

> Rice Street, where the car traveled south with DuBose, shot dead, slumped in the front seat.

> The corner of Rice and Valencia Streets where DuBose's vehicle came to rest against a utility pole.

WARNING: Shooting video contains disturbing images, sounds.

Attorneys for the prosecution and the defense will be along. They will view the proceedings, but they cannot address jurors.

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Once that is over, everyone will come back to the courtroom and opening statements will begin. The prosecution goes first, then the defense. The defense has the option of waiting until the start of its case, but attorney Stew Mathews confirmed to WCPO that he will makes his statement Tuesday.

If time permits, the state could begin presenting witnessses.

The 12-person jury consists of two blacks and 10 whites. The breakdown: two black women, four white women and six white men. All four alternates are white women.

Prosecutors said the trial shouldn't last long.

"I think we're pretty comfortable that this case will be over sometime next week," Assistant Chief Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier told prospective jurors Monday.

Tensing will take the stand in his own defense, his attorney, Stew Mathews, told WCPO last week. Others on the defense's witness list include former University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono, UC police officers and "use of force" experts.

The prosecution's list includes DuBose's fiancee, four coroner's office analysts and three UC police officers.

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