PD: 9-year-old starts Mount Auburn fire after lighting off firework inside

Posted at 8:14 PM, Jul 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-02 21:02:45-04

CINCINNATI -- A 9-year-old boy started a fourth-floor apartment building fire with a firework Saturday night, police said.

The fire started after the boy lit a firework in a bedroom in an apartment building on the corner of Schiller Street and Hughes Street. The boy was taken to the hospital Saturday night, but he was released.

Cincinnati Fire Department District Chief Craig Coburn said the incident serves as an important safety reminder as the Fourth of July draws near.

"Kids are very mischievous. (He) lit it, got scared or spooked, ended up on the bed and caught the bed on fire,” Coburn said.

Shana Johnson, a firefighter and paramedic, said she has seen an increase in burn injuries, especially during Independence Day festivities.

Johnson said she has seen a little bit of everything, from people losing fingers to children getting scalded by sparklers.

"People don't realize sparklers are extremely hot. As they drip down and get on your skin they will burn you,” Johnson said.

Johnson said anyone watching fireworks should stand at least 20 feet away

"So long as everyone is smart and uses some common sense, I think everyone can have a good time,” Coburn said.

WCPO reached out to the boy's family for comment.