Family rescued as smoke starts filling apartment

Posted at 10:54 PM, May 31, 2016

CINCINNATI -- Six people, including four children and a teenager, were rescued from a burning Mount Auburn apartment building Tuesday night.

The family said black smoke was creeping into their apartment on McGregor Avenue. They said they considered jumping out their third-floor window, but Cincinnati firefighters arrived just in time.

"I almost had a heart attack. It was so scary," Davier Phillips, 9, said.

The fire started in a kitchen below where she and her family lived. They all gathered at the window and were ready to jump, she said, but firefighters quickly raised a ladder and pulled them to safety.

"Their job is to get here, size up what they have and save lives," Cincinnati Fire District Chief Lou Arnold said. "They saw those kids hanging out the window. They were panicking -- they had a lot of smoke in their apartment."

"It was pretty scary, but then when I finally got down, I just started crying because I wanted my mama so bad and I was so scared," Davier said.

A newborn was among those rescued. The fire displaced 14 people altogether, and the Red Cross worked to find them places to stay Tuesday night.

Nearly four dozen firefighters responded to the fire.