Mount Adams hillside continues to slip after landslide

Posted at 7:24 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-09 07:37:17-04

CINCINNATI -- The people living above the Mount Adams landslide said the hillside between Oregon and Baum streets has continued to slip, and they're worried about losing even more land with rain in the forecast.

Blue tarps that draped the hillside Thursday have partly come loose, exposing the open face to the elements. The view from David Berwanger's Oregon Street deck shows additional hillside slippage of several feet. New fissures have opened in the ground.

Berwanger wants to know how soon things will be fixed.

"People quit coming up," he said. "I haven't seen any officials -- anyone to let me know what the disposition of this hill is going to be. And what's going to happen now is there's a lot of rain in the forecast and I'm really afraid that during the next rainstorm, we're going to lose a lot more hill."

The investigation into what happened is still continuing. Workers from the Metropolitan Sewer District were at Berwanger's house, locating sewer lines to see if they're still intact.

Cincinnati's Building and Inspections Department is working with engineers to try and pinpoint the exact cause of the slide before any work can resume on the wall.