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Month of May sees spike in shootings in Cincinnati

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Posted at 11:04 PM, May 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-18 10:35:13-04

CINCINNATI — During the month of May, there have been 31 shootings within the city of Cincinnati and activists said they're concerned about what the summer will bring, since warmer weather traditionally comes with more shootings and higher crime rates.

"We try to prepare for this kind of year," said Ennis Tate, a partner with the Phoenix Program. "We assume there will be an uptick. The data has shown that when it starts to get warm, we see more and more activity."

Over the past three days, there were 12 shootings in the city of Cincinnati, nearly the same amount the city experienced in the entire month of March.

The amount of people who have been shot is still comparable to what the city has seen in years past, however.

"Because school is about to get out," said Tate. "Because people are off work. Because there's a struggle for the hustle to get it done and make ends meet. People are resorting to robbing Peter to pay Paul and then going back and robbing Paul."

Deyon Morris, a 14-year-old with the Phoenix Program, said he volunteers his time to help the community become a safer place. Morris said he's upset, seeing the number of recent shootings involving kids around his age.

"People my age that have their whole life ahead of them are ruining it just by being near a gun," said Morris. "I find it terrible every day. There's so much they can do in their life that doesn't involve that."

Out of the 12 people shot since Friday, only two have died. Police said in at least one of those cases, the suspect was also killed.