Charity to hold massive food distribution day

Posted at 10:59 AM, Dec 15, 2015

CINCINNATI -- With the Christmas holiday just 10 days away, the need at local food pantries continues to climb.

The volunteers at Matthew 25 Ministries are stepping up to help make sure as many people as possible have food for the holidays.

On Tuesday, the volunteers will take in and load up truckloads of food to distribute to local food pantries and other charities.

Organizers said 45 Tri-State food pantries will be coming to get their share of more than 120,000 pounds of food.

"Our goal was 75,000 pounds, we were able to surpass that. We have almost 120,000 pounds of food that will be distributed to 45 pantries and shelters," Operations Manager Marthe Church said.

The distribution will start at 9 a.m. and charities are expected to show up every half-hour.

The charities will also come on Wednesday and Thursday to pick up the food.

Matthew 25 Minitries is known for its disaster relief work throughout the country and its dedication to local charities.

Volunteers raise money and collect donations through events such as their Hunger 5K run.

Anyone who would like to donate can do so at the organization’s website.