SPCA: Man tried to have wrong dog put down

Posted at 6:02 PM, Jan 19, 2016

CINCINNATI — A local dog was spared unnecessary euthanasia — and a man is facing charges — thanks to one alert SPCA Cincinnati technician.

Jason Dotson, 32, appeared before a Hamilton County judge on one count of confinement of dogs after SPCA officials said he tried to pass off a dog he’d just adopted for one he was ordered to have euthanized.

According to court records, Dotson’s dog attacked a service dog and its elderly owner. Although the service dog survived, a judge ordered Dotson’s animal be euthanized by the SPCA.

But two days before that was scheduled to occur, SPCA officials said Dotson came and adopted a similar-looking dog, later identified as a pit bull mix named Baby, and took her to be put down instead.

SPCA Lt. Brandon Corcoran said he couldn’t believe it when he heard the accusation.

“I think it’s sick that this is what he tried to do to one of our healthy, innocent dogs,” Corcoran said.

Corcoran said it’s protocol for technicians to scan the dogs before they’re euthanized. In this case, that’s what saved Baby’s life.

“It’s bad,” he said. “It’s a dog that was up for adoption, hopefully to be adopted out to a nice family. It’s a healthy 1-year-old pit bull mix.”

A judge sentenced Dotson to 28 days in jail.

As for Baby, she will be put up for adoption at the SPCA in Northside soon.