Local non-profit hopes to feed 20,000 children in need this summer

Childhood Food Solutions fights child hunger
Posted at 5:04 PM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-22 18:41:10-04

CINCINNATI -- A local non-profit in need of support is hoping to pack thousands of sacks of food for families in need over Memorial Day weekend.

For the past ten years, Childhood Food Solutions has been trying to get foods to families in need. They specifically are hoping to feed around 20,000 elementary-age Cincinnati children who are need of daily meals during the upcoming summer break.

They do this by giving out sacks of groceries to neighborhoods where these children live.

According to non-profit officials, food insecurities are the worse during the second half of June through late July, when many families do not have access to any food programs.

"The definition of a food insecurity is the family doesn't have a system for maintaining food all month around," Tony Fairhead, Executive Director and co-founder of Childhood Food Solutions said.

Lisa Hyde-Miller, the other co-founder of Childhood Food Solutions, was fueled to start the non-profit because she was once one of those hungry children.

"When I was little, I remember times when I was at Washington Park Elementary being hungry, thinking, 'I ate that sandwich already, and that was my meal'," she said. "We don't want kids to experience what I did back in the '70s."

While the non-profit is doing everything it can to provide for families, the main challenge the face is funding.

According to Hyde-Miller, the non-profit is currently working on a campaign to raise money to support their cause.

The campaign invites people to go 30 hours without food. A pledge of $30 ($1 an hour) would provide one child with a month's worth of food.

Childhood Solutions currently provides food in Millvale, Roll Hill, North and South Fairmont and Price Hill, and this summer they are looking to expand west into Westwood, Northside, the West End and Over-the-Rhine.

People interested in volunteering or donating to Childhood Food Solutions can visit their website.