Local farmers struggle to save crops amid temperature changes

Posted at 4:47 PM, Oct 19, 2017

CINCINNATI -- Weather this fall season has been anything but predictable.

This poses a challenge for local farmers as they work to get the most out of their crops.

"Any time the weather steps out of what you expect you're probably going to lose money there,” said farmer Marc Luff.

Luff has been growing at Finn Meadows Farm for the past seven years. He says the farm produces about 30 different crops, enough to feed about 140 families a year.

While warmer temperatures and a later frost are good conditions for some crops like cabbage and kale, it can be devastating for others, Luff said.

"I think we've hedged our bets by doing 30 different crops, so what's good for the tomatoes isn't good for the broccoli,” he said.

It’s difficult to manage all the weather changes for the five acres of garden at Finn Meadows, so growing in greenhouses has become a more successful alternative, Luff said.

"(We use) a lot of season extension techniques -- so greenhouses and row covers -- so we'll be out there with these fabric sheets putting it over all the crop to make sure they stay warm at night,” Luff said.