La Mega 97.7 raised about $120,000 in Radio-Thon for Cincinnati Children's Hospital

La Mega 97.7 raised about $120,000 in Radio-Thon for Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Posted at 11:44 AM, May 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-15 11:44:10-04

CINCINNATI -- This is the fourth year radio station La Mega 97.7 has teamed up with Cincinnati Children's Hospital to raise money for local children and, with each passing year, the amount donated continues to rise.

This year, the annual Radio-Thon by the local Hispanic radio station raised roughly $120,000 which will go toward research and program development at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Over the last four years, La Mega Ohio, owned and operated by parent company TSJ Media, has raised more than $1 million through its annual Radio-Thon. This year, however, the station saw a 32 percent increase over last year's donations. The Radio-Thon on April 20 lasted 13 hours.

"It's truly incredible how much money was raised in a fairly short amount of time," said TSJ Media’s Managing Partner, Meshell Giblin.

It wasn't long after the radio station began that the on-air personalities and staff of La Mega stressed how important it was to give back to the Hispanic community.

The personalities of La Mega enjoy supporting their community, Giblin said.

Jim Saporito, senior vice president of development at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, said the money raised from the Radio-Thon will help provide pediatric health and safety programs.

“The impact of this event has been immeasurable and the support we've received from the community has been truly inspiring," Saporito said.

While the money raised during its recent Radio-Thon is being used for awareness and safety programs, part of the donations will go to the Comprehensive Children’s Injury Center at Children’s Hospital.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital wants to make its resources available to as many families as possible. Thanks to its partnership with La Mega and the money it raised through the Radio-Thon, more Hispanic families will have access to vital resources that educate them in pediatric health and safety.