Jeff Ruby said he'll give steak dinners to local college grads for next 4 years

Ruby said he'll also add 'NKU Norse' steak to menu
Jeff Ruby said he'll give steak dinners to local college grads for next 4 years
Posted at 7:25 AM, Mar 20, 2017

CINCINNATI -- Graduate in the next four years? 

You can cash in on a free steak dinner, courtesy of restaurateur Jeff Ruby. 

Ruby said on 700 WLW Monday that for the next four years he would buy college graduates from Northern Kentucky University, University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, University of Dayton and Vanderbilt University a free dinner. (The offer will include Ohio State University starting fall 2017, with the opening of Ruby's Columbus location).  

“These 7 universities produce terrific young adults.” Ruby said in a news release. “With graduation on the horizon and with each school’s NCAA Tournament participation, we thought this would be a great way to recognize both the athletic as well as academic achievement of the talented young leaders from all of these great schools.”

Last week, Ruby offered to buy steaks for all 15,000 of Northern Kentucky University's undergraduate students if the Norse beat the UK Wildcats men's basketball team in the first round of the NCAA tournament Friday night. The Norse didn't end up winning, but they put up a heck of a fight -- and Ruby wanted to acknowledge it.

"I never thought it would get this much publicity, and I just felt guilty," Ruby said. "We got millions of dollars of free publicity, so I thought, I’ve got to do something for NKU." 

When one person tweeted at Ruby saying NKU students deserve "an appetizer for the effort," Ruby responded "they're going to get more than that."

And boy did he deliver. 

Ruby also said the "NKU Norse" steak will be added to The Precinct's menu.

Ruby said details are forthcoming, and soon-to-be graduates can check his website for more information.