I-75 ranked among deadliest highways in U.S., report says

Posted at 7:15 PM, Oct 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-14 19:15:13-04

CINCINNATI -- A new report ranks Interstate-75 as the fifth most dangerous highway in the country.

I-75 stretches about 1,800 miles from Michigan to Florida. According to a new report from financial information website ValuePenguin using data from the National Traffic and Highway Safety Administration, I-75 averaged 47.2 crashes per 100 miles between 2011 and 2015.

Of all the states I-75 runs through, Ohio was listed among the third most dangerous.

Since 2011, I-75 has seen close to 850 deadly crashes. In many cases, cell phones were to blame as a driving distraction.

But most drivers who spoke to a reporter said their biggest concern when hitting the highway is simply reckless driving that can come in many different forms.

"They don't obey speed limits, they take chances trying to weave in and out just to get where they're going," Ohio driver Rose Klos said.

Of the cities along I-75, Cincinnati was the third most dangerous. Detroit was named the deadliest.

"Michigan is really bad -- they're crazy," Ohio driver Tom Klos said. "They need more law enforcement up there where they set up alongside the road or something."

Speed enforcement isn't the only possible solution. AAA believes a crackdown on impaired and distracted driving could also save many lives.

"You're driving a 6,000-pound machine, so let your attention be on that, not on your phone, not on your other passengers," AAA spokesperson Mike Belcuore said. "Pay attention to what you're doing."

Construction is another concern. On multiple parts of I-75, it isn't surprising to see orange cones and plenty of machinery. Paired with thousands of travelers driving between large metropolitan areas, it can cause problems.

"You just need to be more cautions," Tennessee driver Mindy Anderson said.