Housing inspector on paid leave pending investigation of Facebook posts

Posted at 5:24 PM, Aug 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-19 19:37:09-04

CINCINNATI -- A Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority employee is on paid leave pending an investigation for Facebook posts that could possibly violate the Housing Authority's social media policy.

Reporters received an email with screen grabs showing posts on the Facebook page of Cassie Sizemore, a CMHA housing inspector. Here are some of them:

Reporters asked the Housing Authority if the posts were made during Sizemore's inspections. Officials are still working to answer that question.

Sizemore wasn't immediately available. Her daughter told a reporter that Sizemore "doesn't post anything offensive or anything about her job," but did confirm the Facebook page was her mother's.

The Housing Authority has a social media policy which states "you should not post anything that would be contrary to CMHA's workplace policies, including without limitation, its policy against workplace harassment and discrimination" on personal social media pages.

Read the full CMHA social media policy below:

CMHA IT/Social Media Policy by James on Scribd

Cincinnati residents who spoke to reporters said they thought the posts were inappropriate if they were made on the job.

"That's incredibly disrespectful and insensitive, and someone in a public position should know better," Stacey Tolliver said.

Housing Authority officials declined to comment.