House of Hope keeps children safe and learning during the summer

Posted at 4:30 AM, Jun 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-26 07:04:36-04

CINCINNATI -- Andre Greene could be sitting at home, bored this summer.

Instead, he has food to eat, things to learn and friends to make thanks to the House of Hope summer enrichment program.

"It's a safe place for the children to be," site supervisor Moneaca Collins said. "Our streets, like right out here, are not safe."

The program is a safe and free environment where youths are able to learn while having fun.

"It keeps some kids out of trouble, gives them activities to do other than go outside and just do nothing all day," first-time camper Kiayla Campbell said.

It's fully volunteer-run. This week, University of Cincinnati and Gigglebox Theatre Experience volunteers taught participants about environmental health. Other topics include healthy eating, good manners and how to work together.

The program runs from June to August. At the beginning of the summer, they get about 30 children a day, but at the end they could get about 60.

"This program is very important, because right now we're giving children something to do," Collins said.

Any parents who want to get their children involved can visit the site at 4848 Winneste Ave. or call Collins at 513-954-1664.