Hot dog! These Running of the Wieners photoshops have us howling with laughter

Posted at 10:04 PM, Sep 16, 2016

CINCINNATI -- The annual Running of the Wieners is a pretty surreal event in the first place, but a group of online photoshop artists kicked it up a notch Friday with a selection of paws-itively hilarious images that placed the furry athletes in well-known advertisements, in the sky and even in outer space.

The thread began with one user posting this picture of the race on r/photoshopbattles, a subreddit where users compete to create the best manipulated version of various images:



Other users quickly responded. Most of them fixated on Gus, a golden dachshund who -- due to the position of his legs -- appeared to be hovering at the moment the photo was taken.

Over the course of the thread, which has over 300 comments, Gus traveled to a galaxy far, far away:




To the Mushroom Kingdom:



Back to the future:



And to a plate at a hot dog eating contest.


We’ll just assume that last one didn’t end in tragedy.

To see other creations and judge the winning wiener of this little contest for yourself, head over to Reddit and enjoy.