High-tech electronic glasses could let local girl see clearly for first time in her life

Family raising $15,000 for legally blind daughter
How you can help restore this local girl's sight
How you can help restore this local girl's sight
Posted at 6:25 AM, Jan 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-12 19:51:53-05

CINCINNATI — Most of us take our vision for granted, but the ability to see would be a dream come true for one local 12-year-old girl.

Brand-new, state-of-the-art technology is available that would allow Addie Brown to do just that, but it unfortunately comes with a hefty price tag: $15,000. Brown has been legally blind since birth due to optic nerve hypoplasia, which prevents her from seeing close up or far away. It also means she must use a cane to get around.

That all changed on July 8, 2016, when Addie tried on a pair of eSight’s electronic glasses, which allow people who are legally blind to see clearly.

"For the first time, she could actually see on the other side of the room,” said Addie’s mother, Andee Brown. "She could see faces. She could see across the street. She could see cars; things that she has to listen for. She know they’re there but cannot see them, and the look on her face when she could actually see them was joyful."

The not so joyful part is that insurance will not cover any of the cost. The family has raised $375 as of Jan. 12, so they have quite a way to go. If you’d like to help, visit the fundraising page here.

An avid baseball fan, Addie says she’s looking forward to being able to see the Cincinnati Reds play one day instead of relying on her parents descriptions of what’s happening on the field.

"I'd be so happy because I'd be able to use it at school; almost anywhere," Addie said.