Here's where you can enjoy air conditioning and water free from charge

Posted at 7:42 AM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 07:42:21-04

CINCINNATI -- Friday will be one of the hottest days of 2017. Besides being uncomfortable, the extreme heat can be dangerous -- especially for seniors and children.

If you're struggling to find a place to cool off Friday -- or any other day this summer -- here are some places to retreat free of charge. These "Cooling Centers" are also listed online on the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and the Council on Aging of Southwest Ohio's websites.


  • Bond Hill Community Center: 1501 Elizabeth Place
  • Bush Community Center and pool, Walnut Hills: 2640 Kemper Lane
  • Carthage Recreation Center: 19 East 72nd Street
  • Clifton Community Center: 320 McAlpin Avenue
  • Evanston Community Center and pool: 3204 Woodburn Avenue
  • Hartwell Community Center and pool: 8275 Vine Street
  • Hirsch Community Center, Avondale: 3630 Reading Road
  • Leblond Community Center, East End: 2335 Riverside Drive
  • Lincoln Recreation Center and pool, West End: 1027 Linn Street
  • Madisonville Recreation Center: 5320 Stewart Road
  • McKie Recreation Center and pool, Northside: 1655 Chase Avenue
  • Mount Washington Community Center: 1715 Beacon Street
  • North Avondale Recreation Center: 617 Clinton Springs Avenue 
  • Oakley Community and Senior Center: 3882 Paxton Avenue
  • Over-the-Rhine Community Center: 1715 Republic Street
  • Pleasant Ridge Recreation Center: 5915 Ridge Avenue
  • Price Hill Recreation Center: 959 Hawthorne Avenue
  • Sayler Park Community Center: 6720 Home City Avenue
  • Winton Hills Community Center: 5170 Winneste Avenue
  • Dunham Senior Center, West Price Hill: 4320 Guerley Road
  • Millvale Community Center: 3303 Beekman Street
  • Corryville Recreation Center: 2823 Eden Avenue

Northern Kentucky:

  • Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky: 634 Scott Street, Covington
  • Pendleton County Neighborhood Center: 311 Park Street, Falmouth
  • Owen County Neighborhood Center: 109 South Madison Street, Owenton