Globetrotting plush moose makes his way to Cincinnati

Posted at 7:51 PM, Apr 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-20 19:51:24-04

CINCINNATI -- The Cincinnati Police Department’s newest member traveled nearly 600 miles to reach them -- and that’s not the most unique thing about him.

Mr. Moosey, a small plush moose in a fetching red scarf, originally belonged to 5-year-old Mackenzie Brown in Towamecin Township, Pennsylvania. During a traffic stop, she offered him to the police officers as a token of protections.

"I tried to politely say no thank you, but was told she wanted me to have him so he could keep me safe," wrote the officer who kickstarted Mr. Moosey's journey. "Clearly there was no way to say no to that!  I planned to keep him in my patrol car with me every shift, but after talking to a few people, decided it would be selfish to be the only one made safe by Mr Moosey."

Since then, Mr. Moosey has visited police departments all over the country, as chronicled on the Facebook page Mr. Moosey’s World Tour. Pictures show the toy -- now outfitted with a police cap and an assortment of department pins -- being hosted by officers in the Bronx, in Easton, Massachusetts and, now, in Cincinnati.

The departments involved hope to return Mr. Moosey to his original owner in December with souvenirs, pictures and stories from his journey across the country.