Former students upset as 100-year-old school demolished

Posted at 5:10 PM, Jan 27, 2017

SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Louise Brown still has the picture from 1946 of her first and second grade class outside of Stewart School.

Times were much different then, she said. She laughed as she remembered having to go outside to use the outhouse.

The 100-year-old school, which hasn’t been used in decades, was demolished Wednesday after Sycamore Township deemed the building unsafe.

Brown is not the only one upset about the demolition; former student Brandy Tygrett said more could have been done to save the historic building.

“There was no type of warning the building was going to be torn down,” Tygrett said.

But two meetings were held in the fall to determine the fate of Stewart School, according to the Princeton School District. The district said $250,000 was needed to repair the building.

Brown said that is little consolation for losing a piece of history.

“Being a kid growing up and being there, and coming back and being married, and seeing it torn down it just about breaks your heart,” Brown said.

There is no information as to what the property will be used for now that the school is torn down, a representative from the district said.