FBI: Man harassed teens in search for nude pics

Posted at 12:24 AM, Oct 12, 2015

CINCINNATI – A 27-year-old Blue Ash man used Facebook to harass numerous women and girls, the FBI alleged in a complaint.

Last week, a federal grand jury indicted Bryan Harris on two counts of coercion and enticement for allegedly persuading a woman and an underage girl into sexual activity.

Investigators interviewed Harris in February. They wrote that he admitted to having harassing conversations with numerous women and girls, saying he gets lonely and has the conversations for attention. He also admitted to having sex with 17 girls under 18, including four 15-year-olds, seven 16-year-olds and six 17-year-olds, investigators wrote.

The investigation opened last November, when a local middle school student reported to a guidance counselor that a man she’d met on Facebook “was harassing her to the point that she was scared. The girl “stated that the male knew where she lived and would not leave her alone,” using two different Facebook accounts.

The girl provided police with more than 15 pages of texts sent through Facebook instant messenger. 

Investigators saw that one of the Facebook accounts stated he worked at a Buffalo Wild Wings. They spoke to the restaurant manager, who was able to identify the user as Harris.

Messages show that someone on Harris’ account was messaging the girl after 1 a.m., pressuring her to send him nude photos or meet him. He threatened to call her parents and the police on her.

“lol I have your full name and location goodbye,” one message states.

Using the second account, Harris allegedly sent the girl a screenshot showing directions from his home to hers as the conversation proceeded past 1:30 a.m.

“B---- I got ur address,” one message states in a series pressuring the girl to invite him over.

She asked why he wouldn’t leave her alone as 2 a.m. approached.

“Bc ur sexy as f--- Love ur body,” was the reply, before going on to offer a sex act.

Investigators wrote that the conversation continued and Harris threatened to show up at the girl’s house if she didn’t send him a nude picture of herself, even after she specifically told him she was under age.

A judge then signed search warrants for Harris’ Facebook profiles. Investigators found “numerous conversations with young women that were strikingly similar” to the conversations with the first girl, they wrote.

In one conversation, it seemed that Harris had gone to a 16-year-old girl’s house, then called her names like “b----,” “fat” and “lazy” when she refused to come outside, and sent her a photo that appeared to show him wearing nothing but a towel.

Investigators wrote about a number of similar conversations held between Harris’ accounts and underage girls, calling one teen a “f------ c---.”

Other victims on Twitter posted about Harris, using a pseudonym, complaining that he was “stalking” them, investigators said.

Between the two accounts, investigators found Harris had more than 1,400 pages of Facebook messages, mostly him “contacting women spontaneously, commenting on their looks, and then requesting a ‘body pic.’

“When the female would decline or not answer quick enough, Harris became belligerent and would insult them constantly until the woman would block his communications,” investigators wrote.

In some cases, Harris had been harassing the women for long periods of time, investigators wrote. One adult woman replied to his message: “you have literally been stalking me since my junior year of high school. I have filed four police reports on you. you have made several different facebook accounts trying to talk to me. get it through your head that I want you to leave me the f--- alone dude.”

During an interview, that woman told police Harris had been harassing her since she was 16, using at least four different accounts. When she was 16, Harris even showed up at her job twice and once sent her a picture of a penis.

Harris is due to next appear in court Wednesday.