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Young mother gets eviction notice after shooting in front of her East End apartment

Posted at 6:03 PM, Jun 14, 2019

CINCINNATI — Two days after surviving a shooting outside her East End apartment, a young mother says she is being victimized again, only this time she says her landlord is to blame.

“I was in front of my door. He was about to shoot me in my head - my head - and I come home to this!” the woman complained to WCPO, displaying an eviction notice.

“I seen my life flash before me and then I come home to a paper saying that you got three days … and I'm the victim.”

The woman agreed to speak with WCPO under condition of anonymity.

“It’s scary out here,” she said.

The woman said she and two men were targeted outside of the apartments on Riverside Drive. She said she was caught in the crossfire when the man next to her was shot in the stomach, but now she says she is the one who is suffering.

The eviction notice asks her and her son to pack up and leave the premises by Saturday. The notice explains the reason is due to criminal activity by a tenant or guest.

“I’m a victim in this whole situation and y’all just put me out, put me out like I’m a piece of trash,” she said.

WCPO reached out to the property manager, Lewiston Townhomes, but they could not be immediately reached for comment.

“I’m never late on my rent. I’m always on time or before,” the woman said. “I thought that I had a better understanding with them and for them to just put this letter in my door after I have been held with a gun in my face and shot at and didn’t even call to ask me what the situation is and tell me I have to leave the premises …

“Where am I going to go? Where am I going to go?” she said. “I’ve just never seen anything like it.”

Police say they are still looking for a shooter in this case.