Drivers: Expect crowded roads, accidents Sunday

Posted at 5:03 AM, Nov 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-29 05:03:05-05

CINCINNATI – It's not enough to say "Be careful" when you drive home Sunday from your holiday trip, so consider this:

There were 70 accidents in Hamilton County alone Saturday, and police are saying this is the busiest holiday travel weekend Ohio has seen in eight years.

WCPO is on your side with some suggestions to keep you safe on the roadways:

"Expect a lot of traffic – bumper-to-bumper traffic - regardless of where you're going, especially if you're going to be on a major interstate," says Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Robert Burd.

He said Sunday night will be the busiest time with out-of-state travelers and people just in a hurry.

"Just since 2 o'clock, I know we've have five crashes in heavily populated areas," Burd said Saturday evening. "Give yourself a lot of time, be patient and get ready to sit in traffic."

If you are traveling long distance, police say it might be good to have these items in the back of your car -- an extra pair of clothes, plus blankets, water and your charger so if you do get into an accident, you will be prepared.

And you might be there a while.

"We try to get there as fast as we can, but when there's this much traffic, we have a hard time getting to the crash," Burd said.

Go slow, keep a safe following distance, and check your car -  especially your tires.  Many of Saturday accidents started with cars slipping and sliding off the road.

Finally, AAA points out one of the biggest issues - distracted driving.

"Stay focused," says Cheryl Parker of AAA. "Keep your mind and your eyes on the road when you get in that vehicle."

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