Possible combination found for long-locked safe

CINCINNATI – In an excited Facebook update the Hilton Netherland Plaza posted about a potential breakthrough in the case of the mystery safe.

The hotel reported that someone from Peter Paul Office Supply called them and said they might have a combination to the lock.

According to the post a longtime employee at Peter Paul remembers using a safe at the hotel during the 1970’s to store typewriters. What’s more, Peter Paul found an old index card with a combination on it.

"We know that it hasn't been opened for close to 40 years," said Jason Tyson, hotel general manager.

A safe cracker hired by the hotel on Monday paused his auto dialer and tried the Peter Paul combination. At first it didn’t work. Sadly, after a dozen tries the combination proved to be wrong for the safe.

So once again the locksmith is back using his auto dialer to try every combination in an effort to crack open this piece of Cincinnati history.

"So who knows -- it could be nothing. But it’s just a fun process to go through. A lot of the locals and the hotel staff are excited about this. It’s just something kind of fun," he said.

The safe, a model from the Mosler Safe Company, been around the Netherland Plaza and Carew Tower since the 1940s or 50s, according to the hotel. It's not clear precisely how long it's been tucked away in the corner of an accounting storage room.

"Mosler was one of the most reputable and popular safe companies of the 19th and 20th centuries and based in Hamilton, Ohio. We are unsure the last time it was opened though we know it’s been at least 30 years."

You won't be able to watch the event live, though: The safe cracker apparently doesn't want to reveal his or her methods.

"It's pretty cool techniques that I don't think we’re supposed to be talking about," Tyson said. "But it's pretty cool."

So check back and we'll let you know what they found.


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