Dog found freezing now recovering in foster home

Posted at 10:37 PM, Feb 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-28 00:05:48-05

CINCINNATI – A dog is making a miraculous recovery after a good Samaritan found him freezing and suffering from broken teeth and a broken femur.

The 1-year-old pit bull, Blue, has been recovering in a foster home after being saved by self-described vegan anarchist Robert Inhuman earlier this month.

Blue needed surgery and his owners were planning to euthanize him because they couldn't afford medical care, but Inhuman helped raise money to pay for it.

Still, the surgery was difficult. It took about twice as long as it normally would, and vets considered amputating Blue’s leg.

The vets were successful, and Blue will be back to normal after about two months, according to Jennifer Brock, who is fostering Blue.

Brock, with “I Have a Dream Rescue,” will be looking after Blue for eight weeks of rest. After that, the group hopes to find him a home.

"I hope he gets the best home, along with any dog,” Brock said. “They all deserve a great place to live every day."

Anyone interested in adopting Blue can contact I Have a Dream Rescue through their website here.