CPD rallies around family of fallen officer

'We become a family, that's the way it should be.'
Posted at 7:54 AM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 07:54:36-05

CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati police united Thursday night to help the family of one of their fallen brothers.

Thad Steele, 52, died last month from a blood disorder. Steele joined the department in 1992 after serving in the Army. He grew up in Cincinnati and went to Western Hills High School.

His wife, Monika, said becoming a Cincinnati police officer was Thad's dream.

"He was like superman, the Hulk, he was everything," she said. "He was so strong but he was quiet."

Steele has five children and he died suddenly. His coworkers said he was in great shape and otherwise healthy.

"Thad was a big time athlete," said Sgt. Dan Hils. "He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates He didn't always show off his speed, but if he was chasing a suspect...all of the sudden this bullet went past. And it was Thad, he ran up and caught up with the bad guy."

Fellow Cincinnati Police Department officers held a benefit Thursday night at the Holy Grail. A portion of proceeds raised were donated to the Steele family. Current and retired officers, former classmates and complete strangers turned out in spades for the benefit.

"I don't have a moment to be sad because I have so much love around me," Monika Steele said.

This is the second fundraiser CPD has held for the family.

"We become a family and that's the way it should be," said Hils, who also serves as police union president. "You need to be able to count on somebody like they are your brother or sister."

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