Community honors Kathy Casper, woman who helped those experiencing homelessness

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jul 16, 2017

CINCINNATI -- A local nonprofit held an event Sunday in honor of a woman who dedicated her life to helping those experiencing homelessness in Cincinnati.

Maslow’s Army handed out free pizza dinners, distributed hygiene products and new and used clothes to nearly 600 people in need at Fountain Square Sunday afternoon.

The effort was held in honor of Kathy Casper; when she died suddenly July 1 at the age of 69, she had touched more people's lives than her daughter, Teri, could count through her tireless outreach with people experiencing homelessness.

“She would think this was insane. She never wanted any attention for anything she did. It was all just - nobody knows the extent of everything she did,” Teri Casper said.

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Sunday’s event also featured a silent auction and split-the-pot to raise money for ongoing outreach efforts.

Samuel Landis, co-founder of Maslow’s Army, said he hopes the event will inspire people to help those experiencing homelessness.

"It's not hidden under a bridge somewhere or down in their camps,” Landis said. “People see that this exists. Homelessness is a problem in Cincinnati. If we all come together and work together we can end this issue."

Every little bit helps -- this is something Teri Casper knows all too well. 

“It might just be a pair of socks and underwear to you, but it means so much more to them,” she said.