WATCH: Police save tiny deer from Columbia Parkway's traffic

Posted at 6:29 AM, Jun 06, 2017

CINCINNATI -- When they're not busy patrolling our streets, Cincinnati's finest sometimes save baby animals, too!

Officers Roger Noe and Trish Yates were dispatched to reports of a fawn running in traffic at about noon Monday on Columbia Parkway just below Alms Park.

Noe transported the fawn to the woods nearest to where it had jumped the wall onto the parkway in an effort to reunite it with its mother.

The Cincinnati Police Department encourages the public to leave fawns and other young animals undisturbed and in their environment. In most cases the mother is nearby and will round up her young fawn when conditions are right. In this particular case, police said the fawn was on a controlled access highway and would not have survived if it had not been rescued.

See the original Facebook post on the Cincinnati Police Department profile here.