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College Hill residents worried about dangerous speeding

Glenview Ave speeding
Posted at 6:37 PM, Oct 19, 2021

CINCINNATI — The speed limit on Glenview Ave. in College Hill is posted as 25 mph, but residents in the area said the street is, in reality, traveled at speeds that put others in the area in danger.

This year, College Hill has seen five deadly crashes. Before 2021, the last time a crash in the neighborhood was fatal was 2018.

"You've got people coming out of their driveways, you've got kids playing, people walking dogs," said Brad Thacker, a resident in the area.

Speed bumps installed on the road have helped with speeding some, said resident Debra Barrett, but it hasn't entirely cured the problem.

"You have to be amazingly careful when you're pulling out," said Barrett. "Because if you get a speeder coming through, then you can get nailed."

Before the speed bumps were installed, she said, drivers who lost control would hit houses along the road. City data shows several crashes in the area in the last few years caused either an injury or property damage, though only one such crash happened on Glenview.

Emily Szink, spokesperson for Cincinnati Police, said District 5 is looking for long-term solutions. She said the Department of Traffic and Engineering are looking at permanent solutions that would stop speeding and make neighborhoods safer for pedestrians.

"If I were going to suggest something, a stop sign at the corner," said Barrett. "But I personally have fears that people would just run the stop sign."

Thacker said he'd take just about any solution that would successfully slow drivers down in the area.