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City road crews started prepping for winter over the summer

Crews ready for slick conditions Thursday
Road crews prepped for slick conditions Thursday
Posted at 12:29 PM, Nov 14, 2018

CINCINNATI -- A mixed bag of precipitation is headed for the Tri-State and the region is preparing for a winter mix that could affect the Thursday morning commute. Luckily, the city of Cincinnati started planning for winter during the summer months.

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"Even though it’s not snowing, when the sun is shining we’re always in planning mode," said Superintendent of Traffic and Road Operations Jarrod Bolden.

City crews participated in a dry-run exercise to refresh drivers' skills in October. They tackled routes and reviewed the different components of the truck in early September. Bolden said when the snow and ice do come, crews are ready to treat more than 3,000 lane miles during a winter event. The following equipment is available to Cincinnati road crews:

  • 81 pieces of winter operations equipment
  • 54,500 gallons of calcium chloride
  • 21,500 gallons of beet juice
  • 63,000 gallons of brine

And four salt domes house the city's current stash of salt.

“27,000 tons (of salt) on hand right now, we have the ability to get more throughout the season," Bolden said.

Crews will start loading up trucks and equipment Wednesday to prepare for the potentially slick conditions that drivers may encounter Thursday.

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Cincinnati residents can track which streets are treated in real time using the Snow Plow Tracker. During a winter weather event, the tracker goes live to show exactly which streets were treated for snow and ice. Note that the tracker is only live during the weather event. Click here to check out the city's snow plow data.