Cincinnati ranked America's 25th worst city to live in

Cincinnati ranked America's 25th worst city to live in
Posted at 12:56 PM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 12:56:49-04

CINCINNATI -- There's a certain kind of person who likes to say Cincinnati is doomed to be Detroit.

According to the wizards at 24/7 Wall St., we have a long way to go until we're that bad.

Detroit was ranked America's worst city to live in. Cincinnati came in at No. 25.

Here's a little about those rankings:

"24/7 Wall St. reviewed data on the 551 U.S. cities with a population of 65,000 or more as measured by the U.S. Census Bureau. Based on a range of variables, including crime rates, employment growth, access to restaurants and attractions, educational attainment and housing affordability, 24/7 Wall St. identified America’s 50 worst cities to live."

The website cited Cincinnati's higher-than-average violent crime rate and cheaply available guns among its chief reasons for placing 25th.

Another problem: Cincinnati's low median income, $35,000 to the national average of about $55,000.

On the plus side, more city residents have a bachelor's degree than the national average, 34.2 percent to 30.6 percent.

Violent crimes per 100,000 (2015)
Detroit: 1,760
Cincinnati: 925

Median home value
Detroit: $42,600
Cincinnati: $119,000

Poverty rate
Detroit: 39.8 percent
Cincinnati: 27.4 percent

Residents with bachelor's degree or higher
Detroit: 14.2 percent
Cincinnati: 34.3 percent

Two Ohio cities, Youngstown and Canton, rated worse, at 21st and 20th. Remember, the lower the number, the worse the ranking is.

Birmingham, Alabama, Flint, Michigan, St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee rounded out the five worst.

Visit 24/7 Wall St. for the full list.