Cincinnati police rally to help SWAT member after fire destroys his home

Posted at 7:13 PM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 19:32:53-04

CINCINNATI -  They're the guys who come running to help in critical, dangerous situations.

Now one of Cincinnati's SWAT team members is getting much needed help from fellow officers after a weekend fire at his Springfield Township home.




“Pretty much everything in the house is a total loss," said FOP President Dan Hils.

A faulty clothes dryer is being blamed for the fire at Shawn George’s house.

“You could search all day to try to find someone who doesn't like him and you would fail,” Hils said. “Shawn is one of the strongest men you'll ever meet and also one of the bravest men you'll ever meet.”

Hils knows that first-hand from his days as a hostage negotiator. He said George was “the guy that would take down the door or he was the guy that would cover you.

“I served as a negotiator for a long, long time on the SWAT team and many times Shawn would have my back.

“He would be the guy that would stand right in front of me when I'd be at the door to make sure that if something went down that I would be safe.

George and his family members are safe and will get some help from insurance, but Hils is hoping Cincinnati will help ease the pain of one of its heroes.

An account has been set up at the Cincinnati Police Credit Union in Shawn George's name.  If you'd like to contribute,  write a check to the  “Shawn George benefit account” and mail it to the Cincinnati FOP office  at 1900 Central Parkway, Cincinnati OH. 45214.