Cincinnati police bike squad helps get guns off the streets

Posted at 7:09 PM, Oct 16, 2017

CINCINNATI -- In 31 weeks, the 14 officers of the Cincinnati Police Department's bike squad have made more than 900 arrests and gotten more than 50 guns off the streets.

"To get the number of guns off the streets in a little over 30 weeks now, is phenomenal," Lt. Steve Saunders said. "What this speaks to is not only the officers who are a part of the bike squad but the effort they're doing, but all of our officers are working every single day to make our community safer."

Saunders said the bike squad officers look for crimes like drug activity and gun violence. They're also on the streets to interact with members of the community and teach bike safety.

"There's no specific time of the day you'll see them," he said.

People like Theresa Cooper are grateful for their work.

"I think they're doing a good job trying to clean up with the bike police and stuff," she said. "I feel pretty safe in this area right here, seeing that the police do patrol pretty often in this area."

Officers riding bicycles is nothing new. This method of law enforcement goes back more than 50 years. 

"They're making a difference, obviously," Saunders said. "The numbers speak for themselves. We're going to continue to do this, and we'll see big dividends from this bike squad from here on out."