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Border battle: Where does Clifton end and Corryville start?

Posted at 6:45 AM, May 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-06 07:12:38-04

CINCINNATI — Many people know the 52 neighborhoods across Cincinnati, but it seems that there's a question of where Clifton and Corryville, two of those neighborhoods, start and stop.

In April, Clifton officials asked Cincinnati's City Planning Commission to update neighborhood's official boundaries to include Bishop Street between Martin Luther King Drive and Jefferson Street.

Clifton Town Meeting, Clifton's community council, said their bylaws and maps have shown Bishop Street to be a part of Clifton for the past 35 years, and they want this to be official. They would also like to see Burnet Woods Park added to Clifton as an overlay since both Corryville and CUF claim the park as well.

However, Corryville officials don't want Bishop Street to be recognized as a part of Clifton, nor do they want Clifton to have an overlay on Burnet Woods Park.

"Bishop has always been in Corryville," Bill Crawford, president of the Corryville Community Council, said. "As you see from the map, Burnet Woods is considered to be in Corryville, also."

The Clifton Town Meeting passed a resolution though which said they request "that the city accept the boundaries of all community councils as defined in their bylaws..." The resolution also asks that neighborhoods which claim overlays areas, like Burnet Woods Park, be given equal standing over those areas.

While this is the first time the city's Planning Commission has been asked to resolve a situation like this, the commission voted Bishop Street could be solely in Corryville. However, the issue will go before the city's Economic Growth and Zoning Committee on Tuesday.