Board of Commissioners freeze MSD rates for 2016

Board of Commissioners freeze MSD rates for 2016
Posted at 1:20 PM, Jun 30, 2016

CINCINNATI -- The Hamilton County Board of Commissioners announced a freeze Thursday on Metropolitan Sewer District rates for the remainder of the year.

The decision follows the recommendations of the MSD Rate Affordability Task Force. The task force conducted an analysis of MSD rate structures, focusing on bringing more fairness to sewer rates. Commissioners are still analyzing the task force’s May 16 report.

Commission President Chris Monzel said the task force provided commissioners with options to enhance the affordability of sewer rates and the board will review the report extensively.

“It is only prudent that we hold the line on any new rate increases for the rest of 2016 while we explore the implications of this report,” Monzel said.

Commissioner Dennis Deters said the board is committed to cost-effective solutions at MSD.

"The rate freeze is just the first step in implementing the task force's recommendations, and we'll be evaluating additional ways to protect ratepayers in the weeks to come," Deters said.