Big College Event hopes to keep Cincinnati grads in Cincinnati

Posted at 11:50 PM, Oct 19, 2017

CINCINNATI -- Over 84,000 students attend Greater Cincinnati's four major universities, and the Cincinnati Regional Chamber wants to make sure as many of them as possible choose to stay in the Queen City after they graduate.

"They definitely want to keep talent local," Cincinnati State co-op coordinator Andi Feld said. "Not just in terms of employment, but being real involved in the community."

That's why the chamber hosted Thursday's Big College Event, which laid out a buffet of Cincinnati companies, community organizations and housing options for students such as Courtney Holladay to peruse. Holladay, a Xavier University student, said she definitely plans to stay in the Cincinnati area when she graduates, but hasn't had many opportunities to explore the city outside of campus.

"Being at Xavier, it's really great; however, I don't really have the opportunity as much to extend my arms and go out in the community," she said.

Martin Manevski, a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati, came all the way from Macedonia to pursue his education in Ohio. He saw what organizers want all graduates to see: Opportunity.

"I kind of researched all the bigger cities, and I want to have my own business eventually, so I think to start a business in Cincinnati is a good start," he said. "It's a growing community in Cincinnati."