Apartment complex residents say they're fed up with roaches, problems

Posted at 11:33 PM, Sep 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-23 23:33:06-04

CINCINNATI -- Roaches, leaks and filth have people living in an Avondale apartment complex fed up.

They said the landlord is not doing enough to fix the problems at Idamont apartments.

"I can't push my kids' bed up against the wall because roaches are climbing on it," Jeanette Fields said. "They can't sit a cup of water down because roaches are climbing in it."

Since April, Fields and her kids have been living with unwelcome visitors -- roaches. But that's not all. In the kids' room, the whole window comes out, she said.

Across the hall, Darla Writesel spotted a roach crawling out of a power socket last week, and found a bat in her living room.

"I'm already breaking down dressers, throwing everything away," she said.

In the bathroom, parts of the ceiling have fallen in several times, Writesel said.

"If the people upstairs take a shower or whatever, it'll run down in here," she said.

The complex is managed by Elliot Properties. Steve Elliot said they take issues like that extremely seriously and the building is sprayed for roaches at least bi-monthly.

In many cases, the residents aren't calling for maintenance, so he doesn't learn about the problems, Elliot said.

He said that some of the residents aren't paying rent and are in the process of being evicted, and that's why they reached out to reporters.

But residents said they just want the mess cleaned up.