Audrey DuBose says Ray Tensing 'has no remorse' for killing Sam DuBose

Posted at 9:55 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 09:52:56-04

CINCINNATI -- The mother of a man shot dead by a former police officer last year said she doesn't believe the ex-officer feels any remorse.

"He thinks nothing of it," Audrey DuBose said of Ray Tensing. "He's still carrying on this lie. I think he's awful. He's a terrible man. He's very wicked, and justice will come to him."

DuBose, the mother of Sam DuBose, made the comments as a group gathered at the corner of Rice and Valencia to rebuild a streetside memorial to her son that the city had removed.

She was appreciative of the support from the community members who gathered.

"We're so honored," Audrey DuBose said. "It's just a blessing from the lord that all of these people continually are with us, even so long after his death. They still stand beside us."

Tensing, a former University of Cincinnati police officer, is currently on trial in Sam DuBose's death. Officials had removed the original memorial before jurors visited the site of the shooting Tuesday, but supporters said they wanted to maintain the spot for the family.

"They murdered Sam DuBose and then simultaneously came and destroyed where the family and community members had mourned," Black Lives Matter activist Ashley Harrington said.

Since the jurors visited the site, they've listened to testimony from various witnesses, including police officers and a forensic video analyst who detailed Tensing's body camera video frame-by-frame.

The jury is scheduled to hear from one of the coroner's experts as testimony continues. Audrey DuBose said she's ready to hear those details, too.

"I have to be [prepared]," she said. "I didn't prepare myself for my son's death, and there's nothing now that is too much for me to handle because my son is dead and no justice has been done."