Defense attorneys want to know mom's mental status in 'tortured' toddler case

Say Andrea Bradley's IQ too low for death penalty
Posted at 11:56 AM, Oct 18, 2016

CINCINNATI -- Andrea Bradley still isn't going to make a plea deal. Not if her mother thinks she should. Not if her lawyers think she should.

Bradley, charged in the death of daughter Glenara Bates, was back in court Tuesday for another hearing. Hamilton County officials allege Bradley and Glen Bates, Glenara's father, tortured and neglected the 2-year-old girl so severely she died. Bates was sentenced to death Monday morning, after a jury convicted him of aggravated murder in late September.


The jury in Bates' case said it found he was "the principal offender" in Glenara's torture. Bradley also is charged with aggravated murder.

Bradley's attorneys told a judge Tuesday they'd like a report from doctors on their client's mental status; tests show that Andrea Bradley has an IQ of 67, below the threshold for the death penalty. They expect another hearing Nov. 2.

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The lawyers, along with Bradley's mother, encouraged her to take a plea deal again Tuesday; Bradley also rejected a deal in May that would have given her 15 years behind bars in May.

"I'm ready to get out of here," Bradley said in court Tuesday. "I'm ready to go back to my stupid cell. Depressing jail. They treat people like crap."

The deputy coroner who performed the toddler's autopsy testified during Bates' trial in September. She called Glenara's death "one of the worst I've ever seen."

Hamilton County Deputy Coroner Dr. Jennifer Schott said Glenara Bates weighed only 13 pounds when she died, less than half the average weight of a 2-year-old. Schott also testified that Glenara was covered in "C-shaped scars," determined to be bite marks.

Schott also highlighted severe diaper rash that extended from Glenara's lower back to her thighs. During Bates' taped interrogation, he said Glenara was often made to sleep in a downstairs bathtub because of a bed-wetting problem. Prosecutors said the tub was filled with feces.

The deputy coroner said she believes Glenara could have survived had she been taken to a hospital.