Allstate Best Drivers Report ranks Cincinnati as having worst drivers in Ohio - again

Posted at 8:34 AM, Jun 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 19:58:08-04

CINCINNATI -- Maybe it's not such a bad idea to go car-free in the Tri-State since Cincinnati still ranks as the worst city in Ohio for driver safety, according to the 2016 Allstate America's Best Drivers Report.

Cincinnati weighs in at No. 160 among the listing of America's 200 largest cities. The report says the average American driver will experience a collision once every 10 years, but Cincinnati's average puts us at 7.7 years between fender benders or crashes.

Our capital city of Columbus keeps us in good company as the 121st safest city with an average of 8.8 years between incidents. Akron ranks highest in the Buckeye state as the 32nd safest American city for drivers, closely followed by Dayton at No. 38. Other cities ranked include Toledo at 51st and Cleveland at 68th.

This new poor showing comes on the heels of last year's ranking from Thrillist putting Cincinnati at 17th worst drivers in the United States.

What Cincinnati lacks in safety it makes up in efficiency. Cincinnati boasts the country's 10th shortest average commute time, even though we may be dodging all those shoddy drivers on our way to work.

Allstate says its Best Drivers Report is produced "solely to boost the country's discussion about safe driving and to increase awareness of the importance of being safe and attentive behind the wheel."