Coyote confrontation worries Blue Ash man

Animals forced out of habitat, he says
Posted at 9:10 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-30 21:15:05-04

BLUE ASH, Ohio - Chuck Schleyer says he was confronted by a 100-pound coyote while walking his dog in his neighborhood.

And he thinks he knows why.

Several residents believe the development of Summit Park- a known coyote habitat - is to blame.

Right now, Summit Park is getting ready for the Red, White and Blue Ash Fourth of July celebration. Development has been going gangbusters for a few years now. But some residents are worried that coyotes known to live in the woods are being forced further into the neighborhood.

"It was almost as big as my dog, which is a 100-pound Chocolate Lab," Schleyer said.

Schleyer said he was walking his dog in a field off Indeco Court when a large, aggressive coyote came out of the woods and keyed in on his dog.

"They kind of saw each other at the same moment, and started to charge each other," Schleyer said.

Schleyer was able to scare the coyote off.

He said he has seen two coyotes over the last two years. The other was a puppy.

Schleyer is worried.

"Very scary with all the development that's going on in Blue Ash, by Summit Park, that they're losing their habitat."

Mary Grace Fitzgerald, Blue Ash public relations and community coordinator, said she can see why.

"Where all the bulldozers are making noise and while they're being loud, that would be scary if you were a mom with kids too," she said.

Fitzgerald said they city is in the process of restoring the coyotes' habitat at Summit Park.

"I expect that the problems the neighborhoods are having with coyotes will disappear when Summit Park is complete," she said.

In the meantime, Schleyer says he'll deal with it.

"Right now, I'll just keep an eye out when I walk my dog."

The third and final phase of construction of Summit Park is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

GET advice on dealing with coyotes from the Ohio Division of Natural Resources.