Coney Island reveals upgrades to Sunlite Pool for 2017 season

Posted at 5:57 AM, Mar 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 14:11:19-05

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Coney Island Amusement Park’s Sunlite Pool is getting an upgrade for its 2017 season.

Park president Rob Schutter said Thursday that construction is underway on a new Caribbean-themed bath house, bar and entrance for the pool, which is located off of Kellogg Avenue.

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Schutter also revealed a rebranding of the more-than-130-year-old park, including a new logo and tagline for Coney Island, as well as a new name for the pool, rechristened Sunlite Water Adventure Area.

The park's new tagline is “come out and play.”

“We inspire connection between individuals, families and friends,” Schutter said of the rebranding. “‘One playful moment at a time’ -- that is our spirit of play. This vision will be infused in everything that we do going forward.”

This is the first major upgrade to Sunlite since 1991, when Coney Island built its current bath house and poured new concrete around the pool.

The park added the 16,000-square-foot Typhoon Tower splash area in 2016. The tower also will receive a facelift as part of the rebranding.

Sally Derrick, vice president of marketing for Coney Island, said the new logo and signage will be the first changes people notice, even before the park opens on Memorial Day weekend. Crews are scheduled to replace the park’s current sign along Kellogg Avenue within the next two weeks.

The park's website,, is currently being updated as well.

Schutter said the pool upgrades are part of a larger vision for the park, which hopes to attract more people.

“This is (part of) a five-year project,” he said. “Coney Island's first renovation in 25 years is crucial to its new vision.”