Anderson, Turpin played an epic football game 10 years ago

Posted at 6:43 AM, Oct 13, 2017

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- It was a township divided. For the first time in five years, Anderson and Turpin high schools would face off on the gridiron in 2007. 

A win in the regional finals meant a run at the Division II State Championship. 

Ten years later, a new documentary from Anderson High School graduate Patrick Kollmeier takes us back to the game this township can't forget. 

"Bragging rights were on the line and the whole township was watching ... both sides completely packed with students screaming, yelling, beating on drums," the documentary's narrator says.

Turpin came on strong that year, with 45 seniors on the roster while the Anderson Redskins were young. It was no surprise the Spartans led the first half, and the beginning of the second wasn't looking much better for the Redskins.

"In the stands, our start to begin the second half felt like our impending doom. Momentum had been sucked right out of our souls," the documentary's narrator intones.

Trailing the entire game, with 30 seconds to go, the Redskins had the ball at about the 10- or 12-yard line.

"Then I saw the flag: 15-yard penalty, awesome. And then it was a sideline warning," said Dan Kraft, Turpin's defensive coordinator in 2007. "When they made the call, I was beside myself. I was like, 'You have got to be kidding me.'"

With five seconds to go, a first down stopped the clock with two seconds left on the 1-yard line. A touchdown and point after soon sealed the deal for Anderson High School.

Ten seconds, three plays and a "debatable sideline warning" led to the Redskin victory.

"It was a crazy, crazy thing that worked out perfectly for us," said Anderson Head Coach Jeff Giesting.

They still talk about "that game" around town, and 10 years later the two schools are facing off once again on Friday night.