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Gurpreet Singh's court appearance flames contempt in relative

Judge denies motion for lower bond
Posted at 4:16 AM, Jan 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-31 04:18:52-05

WEST CHESTER, Ohio — For his own safety, Gurpreet Singh might be better off that a judge denied his motion for a lower bond Thursday.

One of his own relatives wants a piece of him.

“It boils my blood. I feel like if I saw him in the street I could punch him in the face or do something worse,” Ajaib Singh said as he stood in the courthouse hallway.

Gurpreet Singh is charged with fatally shooting his wife and her father, mother and aunt in Singh’s West Chester apartment last April.

Ajaib Singh was the brother of the mother and aunt.

"It is very hard to see him," said Ajaib Singh. "It is very frustrating for all of us. We thought it would be a really fast case.”

Gurpreet Singh asked for a lower bond to see his kids, his attorney said. With their mother gone and their father behind bars, Gurpreet's three kids are staying with family in California.

Ajaib Singh said family members told the kids their mom had gone to India and they believed that until they read what really happened on the internet.

“He misses his children,” said Charlie Rittgers, defense attorney for Gupreet Singh. “He's not been able to communicate with or speak with his children, pursuant to a juvenile court order.”

In the meantime, his client is glad they’re with family, Rittgers said.

“Gurpreet wants them to be with people that they know and trust right now. Obviously they can't be with their mother or father. His primary focus is his children.”

But Ajaib Singh said the kids don’t want to be with Gurpreet Singh’s family.

"The kids really don't want to see anyone on their father's side," he said.

Ajaib Singh said his family “will continue to do whatever we can to get justice for my sisters."

The judge did rule that Gurpeet Singh can appear in court in normal clothes.

Another hearing is scheduled in March.

Gurpeet Singh’s trial is set to begin in September.