Soph basketball star surprised to hit milestone

Posted at 2:01 AM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 02:07:02-05

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. – Imagine you're a high school basketball phenom. Imagine you're Williamstown point guard Brennan Stanley, and everybody you know has a secret.

Your coach and teammates. Your family and friends. Your schoolmates and fans. They know you're on the brink of reaching a basketball milestone.

And you don't.

They came to your game to celebrate when you make your 1,000th point. The banners and balloons are ready. The pep band is ready. But now they're waiting and waiting and waiting, because you're a point guard and you don't shoot.

You just need eight points but you keep dishing the ball to your teammates. 

What's a coach to do?

"He was not aware of it," said Williamstown coach Roger Hardin. "I think sometimes psychologically if they need the eight points they start to press a little bit, so there was a conspiracy behind the scenes

"He's a very unselfish ball player. Actually, I would like to see him put it up a little bit more," Hardin said.

Stanley had his own goal for the game against Trimble County.

"Our team knew that we wanted to put on a show tonight and that's what we came out to do," Stanley said.

Finally, Stanley made a steal and drove to the bucket for No. 1,000. And they stopped the game for a brief but long-anticipated celebration.

"Well, I didn't know and they all knew, so," admitted Stanley. 

Stanley led the scoring with 21 points –  nine behind the arc - in Williamstown's 81-56 win.

Getting 1,000 points in two seasons is not easy. LeBron James did it his sophomore year.

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association said it  doesn't know who was the youngest player to reach 1,000 points, but that it's definitely impressive and typically happens more often with top-level players.

"I just try to be a team player and give all the glory to God," Stanley said. "My 1,000th point, during a win and in front of the home crowd, just feels great. Just to see all the fans there and all of them holding the signs up, it just feels good."

So what's next for Stanley? 2,000 points?

"It would feel great to get there, but right now were just focused on winning and finishing out the season," he said.