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Fire in Kenwood sends 6 to the hospital, including 4 firefighters

Kenwood Fire
Posted at 10:28 AM, Oct 10, 2021

CINCINNATI — At least six people, including four firefighters, were taken to the hospital early Sunday morning following a fire in Kenwood.

They were sent to the hospital primarily for issues of smoke inhalation and exhaustion.

At least seven fire departments responded to the fire around 1:20 a.m.

Fire officials say the fire started in one of the condo units and spread to three others.

At least 10 people were displaced by the fire.

One woman who spoke to us said she only woke up to evacuate because her neighbor was banging on the door.

Sycamore Township Fire Chief Rob Penny said it is too early to say what caused the fire, but a lot of factors complicated fighting the fire.

"Where these two apartment buildings connect, there's an above apartment that's an overhang where you can walk under it. It's like a walkway type of thing, but people live in it, so it made it tougher to get into that. And the fire was up in the back corner of the building and we had a natural gas line that broke and the natural gas line was feeding the fire, so we couldn't put it out right away until we got the gas shut off, which didn't happen until Duke came out to shut the gas off," Penny said.

While the fire is out, the damage is significant — potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Eight separate fire departments helped battled the blaze.

The American Red Cross is helping those displaced by the fire.