Stop what you're doing and watch Fiona play in her pool

Posted at 3:34 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 15:52:42-04

CINCINNATI -- Fiona may be getting bigger, but that doesn't mean she's stopped being adorable.

Always a fan of face time, the Cincinnati Zoo’s baby hippopotamus having tons of fun in her pool. She's now able to access it all by herself using a ramp.

Fiona first got the ramp when she weighed 73 pounds on March 6, about the weight of two-and-a-half toddlers. That’s when caretakers started having trouble getting her in and out of the pool.

She doesn’t need anyone’s help getting into the water anymore. Now she pops right in and does her best dolphin impression, dipping and diving into the water.

Fiona also seems to be enjoying her pool toys, including a lime green floaty, purple noodle raft and hot pink inflatable.

But all that pool time is enough to make anyone tired, so she takes a big bite of hay before returning to play. Fiona got her first taste of hay on March 16, when she tried some of the pre-chewed vegetation.

Fiona’s handler Wendy Rice wrote a blog postWednesady explaining what happens when it’s time for the hippo to return to the herd -- but until then, we’ll enjoy these glimpses into her progress.