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Deadline for University of Cincinnati's vaccine mandate is here

University of Cincinnati
Posted at 4:37 PM, Nov 15, 2021

CINCINNATI — Monday is the deadline for University of Cincinnati students, faculty and staff to submit proof they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, in order to comply with the university’s vaccine requirement.

Those who have not submitted proof or those exempt from the policy must begin weekly COVID-19 testing Monday, too.

It’s a deadline that does not mean much for several UC students who told WCPO they had already rolled up their sleeves for vaccination.

“I’ve had the vaccine for a few months now,” said undergraduate Justin Bekowies.

“I’ve been vaccinated for awhile,” said graduate student Brooke Marston.

“Most people were already vaccinated, but no one really complained about having to get vaccinated,” said undergraduate Cameron Rubino.

Many students told WCPO the policy has been perceived well and it helps alleviate safety concerns on campus.

“Generally, it's been perceived pretty well,” said undergraduate student McKenna Belmont. “I haven't seen anything like too big on social media or anything negative like that.”

“It makes me feeling comfortable to come to class and know that, you know, like I can be safe,” said Alexandria Anderson, a law student. “I don’t have to worry about bringing COVID to my family.”

Starting spring semester, students without an exemption who refuse to get the vaccine will be unenrolled from in-person classes. Instead, the university will direct them to take courses fully online.

Faculty and staff who refuse the vaccine without an approved exemption could face disciplinary measures.

“I think this kind of solidifies the idea of safety and kind of, you know, making sure that no one is giving a sickness to everybody else,” Anderson said. “Because we've had a lot of people that have been out because of COVID exposures.”

UC declined to release data on how many people had submitted vaccination proof at this time.

You can submit vaccination proof through the UC COVID Check application or by email to

More information on the university’s vaccine requirement can be found here.

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