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Coyotes spotted in Greater Cincinnati area

Video catches coyote in Northern Kentucky
coyote northern kentucky greater cincinnati
Posted at 11:24 PM, Jan 27, 2022

CINCINNATI — Multiple coyote sightings are being reported throughout greater Cincinnati. Experts say it’s not uncommon to see them more this time of year.

"It's the coyote breeding season,” said Brett Beatty, ODNR-Division of Wildlife Wildlife Management Supervisor. “Breeding season starts now, mid-January, through end of February. So as animals are going through their breeding courtship and being territorial, they tend to be more visible as they're moving around with their mates.”

In Bridgetown, the sound of traffic can be heard during the day. At night, though, Trisha Davis said she can hear coyotes howling.

"I've definitely heard them in our backyard," Davis said. "You can definitely hear that there's packs of them where they howl."

It's one of several places throughout the Tri-State where coyotes have been reported. In Northern Kentucky, a video captured one walking around a Taylor Mill neighborhood.

Beatty said the cold weather is another reason why they are on the prowl. He said coyotes are most likely seeking shelter, food and other resources. If someone comes across a coyote, Beatty said he tells people to stand their ground.

"Often times, they're just as curious about you as you are about them,” Beatty said. “Discourage the coyote with loud noises. Make yourself look big. Put your arms up over your head. Open up your coats.”

He also said to keep small pets indoors or close to home. Removing garbage, pet food or anything that could attract coyotes will also keep them away. While their presence may be a concern for some, others said the sightings do not worry them.

"No concerns, just because I've never really seen one,” Davis said. “I've seen foxes, deer but never seen the coyotes — just kind of heard them.”

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