Officials offer safety tips but call Clermont Co. crash, 2-day entrapment 'very unique'

Posted at 4:12 PM, Nov 01, 2016

WILLIAMSBURG, Ohio -- "Lucky to be alive."

That's how friends and law enforcement officials are describing motorist Kory Chambers, who was found trapped in his overturned vehicle Monday, two days after police say he crashed on Ohio 133 in Williamsburg.

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said Chambers missed a curve on the road sometime after 11:30 p.m. Saturday. He was discovered by two Ohio Department of Transportation employees doing clean-up on the side of the road Monday morning.

"Miracle he's alive," said Heather Golightly-Conrad, a friend of Chambers' who said she was so busy this past weekend that she didn't realize he was missing until the news broke Monday morning. "I'm glad he's OK."

Cheryl Parker, local spokeswoman for AAA, agreed with Golightly-Conrad: "It's clear that this gentleman is lucky to be alive," she told WCPO. "It's definitely a reminder that whether you're traveling five miles from home or 500 miles, you should always be prepared for the worst."

That said, though, Parker said Chambers' story is exceedingly rare.

"This is a very unique situation," she said. "We don't know exactly what he was able to do given the way that the car flipped."

Despite the rarity of a situation like Chambers', Parker offered these tips for drivers who might find themselves trapped in a vehicle for a prolonged period of time following a crash:

> Always wear your seatbelt

> Have a preparedness kit, complete with snacks and bottled water

> Make sure your cell phone is charged

> Have something in the car to break out a window

Chambers was still recovering at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Tuesday.